100T die cutting machine

100T die cutting machine is the most die cutting machinery that used in many industry including packing , leather ,shoes,foam ,sponge,soccer ball,rubber sheet,leather labels,petg sheet,PVC/PET/PE/PS plastic tray packaging etc., 100T die cutting machine means 100 ton cutting pressure that produce 100 ton hydraulic power .the cutting power can be custom built.FSM die-cutting machinery can build … Continue reading “100T die cutting machine”

10T clicker press

This 10T clicker press is one of FSM company swing arm press.Which is using for cutting-out soft and semi-rigid materil including the rubber sheet,aircraft seating,wall coveringfelt,rubber,leather,paper,plastic etc., This popular 10 ton clicker press is belong to FSM wide variety of cutting-out equipment.These machinery is very easy but best design for the purpose that could cutting-out … Continue reading “10T clicker press”