Leather seat cover die cutting machine

Leather seat cover die cutting machine is die punching press for staming out the material leather ,PU leather ,or fabric etc., to make the seat cover na mater pu leather and genuine leather,car seat cushion, airbags, car seat cover, upholstery and linings,Caltrend Euro Sport CoversNeoprene Seat Covers, Ballistic Nylon Seat Covers,Velour Seat Covers,Leather Seat Covers,Suede Seat Covers,Tweed Seat Covers,Saddle Blanket Seat Covers etc in car,truck,plane seat factory.

Leather seat cover die cutting machine
Leather seat cover die cutting machine

FSM have helped lots of leather seat cover manufacturer or factory to make their own brand leather seat cover.So this will not be a problem when you choose a set of the best leather seat covers die cutting machine or punch press on the market. A wide range of different types of leather seat covers has been created for cars and other vehicles and we have the leather seat cover making machinery for the most popular models, to help steer you in the right direction.

First the normal die cutting machine that used by most leather seat cover makers to produce their high quality is the fixed beam press that used high quality machinery steel and top hydraulic system to make sure the high speed cutting job.

The normal fixed beam press die cutting machine is the below features :

1.This die cutting machine is built in a modern and innovative designing by FSM, the structure is made up of one fixed table and one fixed upper beam assembled to 4 vertical uprights. The fixed beam is assembled to the upper beam by one hydraulic central cylinder which ensures the rising and the descent of this one. The beam guide is ensured on his four corners by celoron in contact with the 4 vertical uprights. This machine is designed to run with a cutting strain symmetrical in relation to the central cutting area.

2.This cutting bed and cutting force all can 150 ton fixed beam die cutting press.For exapmle : we make the below machine for one of our customers to produce seat cover:2300 x 1500mm cutting area,150 ton cuttng power ,manual feed leather seat cover die cutting press macchine:

Leather seat cover die cutting machine
Leather seat cover die cutting machine

Manual powered sliding tables tray for feeding material.Also autoamtic feed available.
Blade upward or downward cutting
Four column, double cylinder construction
Double mechanical balancing system
Even cutting and full power across complete cutting area
Heavy duty construction with high quailty steel
Low deflection,easy operation

3.In fact we ,could built any custom solution die cutting machine based on your request.No matter what kinds of material you have for product .We could give you good solution for die cutting or stamping for your manual or mass production .

Model FSM-100,200,300,400,500
Cutting force 40T,50T,60T,80T,100T,120T,150T,180T,200T, 300T,500T
Cutting area 610x1220mm, 710x1220mm,610x1400mm, 810x1400mm, 610x1600mm, 810x1600mm, 910x1800mm,etc as request.
Working tables single table
Feeding table type Manual ,auto sheet,auto roll etc.,
Motor 4kw,5.5kw,7.5kw,9.5kw,11.5kw,13.5kw
Stroke 50-160mm, 50-240mm
Voltage 3 phase 220/380/415/440V 50/60HZ
Dimension Depending the cutting area and feeding type
Net weight Depending the cutting area and feeding type

You could contact us immediately for more details or get price .

If you want to make the leather seat cover ,especially the top high quality leather seat cover .You must ,al least to know the top 10 leather seat cover the below is for your referece .You could check for more information.

1. Fia LeatherLite Seat Covers:These UV-treated, anti-mildew, carbon-fiber-like covers are ideal for hauling messy kids, mangy mutts, tools, and camping gear. A waterproof inner liner will keep the factory seats completely unharmed in the event of a spill.
2.FH Group Leatherette Seat Covers:Quality faux leather, 10 colors, non-slip backing, airbag compatible, thick padding, storage compartments, easy-installation, integrated headrest cover.
3.Dinkanur Cover Cushions Pu Leather Bamboo Charcoal Car Interior Seats:
4. Coverking Ballistic Seat Covers:Variety of colors and materials, waterproof, soft and comfortable towel material, easy to install
5. Saddleman Camo Seat Covers:camouflage canvas seat covers,saddleman seat,saddleman neoprene seat covers,saddle blanket seat covers,saddleman bench seat covers,saddleman seat covers discount code,saddleman canvas seat covers,cloth camo seat covers
6.Aully Park Waterproof Universal Car Seat Cover:Machine washable, designed for post sporting and fitness activities, easy to install, polyester terry and EVA material, anti-skid
7. Northern Frontier Poly-Cotton Semi-Custom Seat Covers:best seat covers for heated seats,auto accessories garage seat covers ,northern frontier neosupreme seat covers
heavy duty seat covers
8.Best Leather Look-Alike: Cal Trend I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather Seat Covers :Eight colors, resistant to UV rays, two-year warranty, wear, abrasion, mildew and fade resistant, cost-effective, large storage pockets,
9. Aries Seat Defender Canvas Seat Cover:canvas material is anti-slip and 100% waterproof.
10. Coverking Spacer Mesh Seat Covers:Ballistic Cordura, Velour, Neoprene, Neosupreme, Polycotton, Leather, Suede, Camo etc.,
11. Carhartt Duck Weave Seat Covers:gorgeous Leather seat covers tailored to fit your car, truck, or SUV perfectly
12.Suninbox Universal Car Seat Covers:Car Seat Covers,Suninbox Buckwheat Hull Seat Covers For Cars,Ice Silk Satin Universal Truck Seat Covers,Air Bag Compatible,Breathable Comfortable.

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